Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video. Premier league watch, 8th round. November 8.

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Good evening, dear fans of English football! So we waited for the main decoration of the nuclear submarine! In the 8th round, two of the most successful English clubs of recent years – Manchester City Josep Guardiola and Liverpool Jurgen Klopp – will meet.

The meeting will take place at Etihad, where the Mancunians have been winning in recent years, and in the last three matches, they have even won two major victories with a total score of 9: 0. Suffice it to say that the last victory over the “townspeople” on the road, the “red” won in the Premier League when Guardiola had not yet coached Man City, and Jurgen Klopp had just joined the team.

Does this mean that the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion? Of course not, because “Liverpool” is the reigning champion of England, and that means a lot.
Craig Pawson has been appointed Chief Arbiter. My name is Hermann Bemm and I will broadcast this match for you.

However, in the last rounds, “City” began to show that it is bouncing back. After an offensive draw with West Ham, Manchester beat Sheffield and easily dealt with Marseille and Olympiacos in the Champions League with three goals each. In general, the group in the main Eurotournament “citizens” again got a checkpoint, so that until spring you can concentrate on internal battles.

Manchester City 1 - 1 Liverpool Highlights Video40

And then there was Gabriel Jesus, who recovered from his injury and now Guardiola will not have to throw either Sterling’s baby or the newcomer Ferran Torres forward. But who will definitely not help Man City are Fernandinho, Benjamin Mendy and Sergio Aguero, who regularly scored at their home stadium, Liverpool. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

“Manchester City” started probably not the way fans of “townspeople” are used to. After seven rounds, Guardiola’s team has 11 points with one game left. However, the density in the table is such that in the event of today’s victory, the “townspeople” can almost come close just to “Liverpool”, which is on the second line, second only to “Southampton”, which has already played yesterday.

“Liverpool” seem to have moved away from the nightmare in Birmingham and the disaster in the game with “Aston Villa” did not become the beginning of some kind of global crisis in the camp of Merseysides. Since then, Jurgen Klopp’s wards have lost points only in a game with a strong “Everton”, but “Sheffield” and “West Ham” were beaten, and the victories were strong-willed.

Still not ready to play Fabinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thiago Alcantara. Klopp’s choice in the attack is also curious. Diogo Jota began to score in almost every game, and in Bergamo he signed for Sportiello three times. On the other hand, there is the tried and tested Roberto Firmino who is usually good against City and is still an important player in the Klopp system. In general, the German has to thoroughly smash his head over the choice of the composition.

In the Champions League, the “red” is also doing well. And even though the victories over “Ajax” and “Midtjylland” were not bright, and somewhere maybe even tortured, Klopp’s team once again showed that they can score points even when they are not in the best shape. In addition, in the last round of the Champions League, Klopp’s gang really ignited, defeating the interesting Atalanta, which simply burned out in their field – 0: 5.

So in the Champions League, Liverpool have already done half the battle and need to pick up the previous championship pace in the Premier League. But it will not be easy to do this, because the problems with the defense in the absence of Virgil van Dyck have not gone away and no matter how many praises are sung to the young Rhys Williams or Nat Phillips, who played well against West Ham, it is obvious that these guys will be very difficult in against the vice-champions. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

So, the eternally injured Joel Matip recovered at the right time and it looks like he will be a pair of Joe Gomez in the center of defense.

Craig Pawson starts the game after commemorating the participants of the First World War! Good luck to the teams!

2 Note that Liverpool have an over-attacking squad. Both Firmino and Zhota were at the base. Let’s see what will come of this, whether the central zone of the Merseysides will fail.

3 Immediately the first moment at Ederson’s goal !!! In touch, Alexander-Arnold fired the ball forward from the center circle, and Roberto Firmino avoided an offside position and, in fact, went to a rendezvous with Ederson. The Brazilian goalkeeper managed to get out of the gate and prevent his compatriot from properly understanding the episode and really taking the ball. It was very dangerous.

4 And another cool attack from the guests !!! All the same Trent on the right performs a transfer to the far post, where Manet wins a horse fight and throws the ball into the goalkeeper’s area, and there Bobby Firmino could not adjust and deliver a smashing blow. How good are the champions of England in the first minutes!

5 Manchester City gives Liverpool’s attacking players an unseemly amount of space in the opening minutes. Here Mo Salah, all alone, receives the ball thirty meters from the gate, moves with him and passes to Mane to the left. The Senegalese is also one and gives out a low cross into the penalty area, where the Egyptian has already rushed, but did not have time a little.

12 Penalties appointed by Craig Pawson !!! Mane enters the box from the left, slips past two City defenders and is greeted by Kyle Walker inaccurately. The touch was in the leg, not the ball, even if Sadio frankly went to this foul. The arbiter is right, despite the protests of the “townspeople”.

Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video. Mohamed Salah! 0: 1!

Manchester City 1 - 1 Liverpool Highlights Video

13 GOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!!!!!!! Mohamed Salah! 0: 1!
Salah ran up and sent the ball into the left corner of the goal. Ederson reacted on the ball and jumped there, but the Egyptian sent the ball very strongly and almost to the corner, thereby scoring his eighth goal in the Premier League. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

15 Immediately Guardiola goes to complain to the reserve referee about the previous episode with Sterling apparently. After the game, the Catalan will have something to say to sports journalists.

18 Sadio Mane rolled the ball from the edge of the penalty area to the center of his captain, and Henderson shot in touch from twenty-five meters extremely inaccurate. Not like Fabinho last year in the match between these teams.

22 Excellent Mane plays in the tackle in the center of the field, robbing Ilkay Gundogan. Then he shares the ball with Salah, at the penalty area he already receives a return pass and shoots. Ruben Dias gets in the way of the ball and knocks the ball out.

25 What a moment! Cover Torres and de Bruyne in the wrong side of the Wijnaldum field and immediately Kevin gives a cross from the right to the far post. There Sterling took the ball alone and tried to send the ball under Alisson’s pivot leg. The Brazilian did not blunder and rescued his team, and then Matip cleared the ball out of the box. The first dangerous moment was created by the “townspeople”. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

29 Again Guardiola is unhappy, believing that Canselo got kicked from Trent. And so it was, but the ball remained with the owners, because Pawson did not whistle. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video. Gabriel Jesus! 1: 1!

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 08: Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City scores his team’s first goal under pressure from Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joel Matip of Liverpool during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool at Etihad Stadium on November 08, 2020 in Manchester, England. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

31 GOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!!!!!!! Gabriel Jesus! 1: 1!
What a handsome Gaby Jesus! How City missed him! Assist made of course de Bruyne, seeing that Jesus in the penalty area was ahead of Trent. When the ball flew to Jesus, he very elegantly threw the ball on the move with his heel, leaving Trent in a fool, then turned around and did not let Matip come close to him, shot past Alisson from his toe. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

38 The long attack is carried out by Man City, which is crowned with a canopy from the right flank by Kyle Walker. The ball flies over everyone in the penalty area and is taken by Diogo Jota. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

41 Gives Pawson a penalty after watching the video! Perhaps there are no questions to the judge here either. The distance was not minimal and Gomez could have time to remove his hand from the ball.

42 And “City” does not score its penalty! Kevin de Bruyne wanted to send the ball neatly into the corner. The Belgian ran up and struck the bottom to his left. Alisson rushed into the opposite corner, but de Bruyne missed the target. The ball missed the bar in millimeters. Disappointment on the face of KDB and Guardiola. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

44 Dragging Ederson !!! Mane failed to break through, bursting into the penalty area, because his defenders caught up, but Sadio managed to give the ball to the center of Salah, he waited for Trent to connect and provided him with a pass, and Alexander-Arnold shot so powerfully that the ball almost flew through Ederson into the goal … Zhota flew to finish, but at the last moment the goalkeeper managed to cover the ball.

+4 The busy first half is over! Time for coaches to make adjustments!

The first half was a breeze, which is not surprising given the class of teams. The first half of the half remained entirely for Liverpool. Perhaps the City players did not immediately figure out the formation of the “red”, especially with Salah, who constantly sank into the depths of the field and from there conducted the team’s game. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

As a result, Mane earned a penalty and Mo Salah opened the scoring. “Manchester City” came to his senses in the middle of the half and at first Sterling ruined the moment, but Jesus created a small masterpiece, leveling the score. Then the teams exchanged moments – de Bruyne missed a penalty, and Ederson blocked Trent’s kick. The second half will be very interesting. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video. Halftime

Manchester City 1 - 1 Liverpool

46 The second half has started!

49 Wonderful lumbago !!! Mane waited for Robertson to run in and Andy shoots hard along the goal, forcing Ederson to knock the ball out with his fists in a beautiful throw so that Firmino doesn’t get there. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

51 What a game has gone! Almost no center of the field! Mo Salah moved from the corner of the penalty area, but failed to hit, but followed by a throw into the goalkeeper’s. Firmino and Zhota immediately run there, but Ederson is again the first on the ball, but he knocked out a shell not far. Zhota picks up the ball, but hits quietly and weakly, plus straight into the hands of Ederson. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

55 And it was very dangerous !!! Nobody covered Kancela and the Portuguese gave a gorgeous throw to the goalkeeper Jesus, who almost certainly punched his head, but missed the target a little. It was very dangerous!

60 Inspired by the change in position, Jota, after a flank serve, delivers a blow from the corner of the penalty area. The ball after a solid blow hit Kansel’s elbow, but here the Lersisides could not see a penalty, since the distance was very close. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

63 And this is a more serious problem! Because out of the blue, Trent Alexander-Arnold stumbled and apparently damaged the ligaments, although it may be the back of the thigh. Replacement will be.

66 Usually we didn’t notice for Shakiri that he was good at tackling, but here Jerdan was so charged that he managed to take the ball away from Kanselu on the flank and play back to Milner.

71 Joel Matip sends the ball out of the blue, although Milner may have already run far ahead. James lacks rapport with the defenders, yet Milner usually comes out on the left in defense if required. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

76 Joe Gomez makes a mistake with the first pass and the ball is intercepted by Gundogan. Further, the ball during the pass turns out to be at Bernard Silva, who managed to earn a corner in the fight with Robertson.

82 How gorgeous Matip works !!! Nimble Sterling seemed to win a position in the fight for the ball with a lanky Cameroonian, but he managed to twist, put his foot to the ball and pick it up, leveling the attack of the “townspeople”.

84 Knocked down an injury Trent attacking game guests. Milner is an excellent footballer, but he cannot provide his attackers with innings from the right so well. After the injury of their right-back, “Liverpool” began to play much more cautiously, perhaps agreeing to a draw. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

90 The teams have four more minutes to decide the winner of this game.

+1 Carelessly rolls under Zhota Walker and at the same time he manages to keep the ball from going out-of-bounds. The attack of the “townspeople” ends with Gundogan throwing the ball counting on Jesus, but Alisson leaves the gate and takes the shell.

+2 Alisson runs out of the box, insuring his defense, and heads the ball away. Kancela picked up the shell, but he was not allowed to pierce normally. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

+3 Frankly in a boorish way Walker hits Waynaldum’s legs, correcting his inaccurate pass. It was lucky for Kyle that Pawson limited himself to yellow.

+4 This is probably the last moment in the match. Ruben Dias stepped on Salah’s foot about thirty meters from the gate. The penalty will be.

+5 The champion of England plays the “standard” unsuccessfully and Pawson ends the game!

Manchester City 1 - 1 Liverpool1

Alisson and Ederson hug before leaving for their national team. Jurgen Klopp is trying to prove something first to Guardiola, and then to Pawson. In the end, we have “Leicester” in the leaders of the Premier League at the moment and a fighting draw in the central match of the tour. “Manchester City” strategically, this draw is perhaps less satisfied, but play is still very long, the density in the table is great and you can still catch up. “Liverpool” this time does not lose at “Etihad”, but lost the lead in the 8th round. Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video

Match statistics:
Hits – 7:10; Shots on target – 2: 3; Corner – 1: 2; Offsides – 2: 5; Saves – 2: 1; Fouls – 19:11; Yellow cards – 3: 1; Red cards – 0: 0; Substitutions – 1: 2; Ball Possession – 54%: 46%

Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool / Highlights Video


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